3 Dec


When we talk about a non-conformist fashionista, we mean a model of PEOPLE who live and express with their lifestyle their commitment to what is happening in the world. PEOPLE who notice the social and environmental impact of their consumption habits. For this reason, they decide to be an active part of a change by selecting the products they purchase and supporting the value behind each product or service they consume.

PEOPLE who make a decision: starting to build a new closet by investing in shoes they will NEVER want to get rid of.

Therefore, they chose quality and pay attention to the materials used. The place where they are made is increasingly important for them too. This is why they support small producers and artisans and appreciate the location. They learn to take care of their shoes, as they are aware of the environmental impact of massive consumption.

Moreover, they are increasingly curious; they want to know where the shoes they wear come from, who has made them, and if the work and environmental conditions under which they have been made are adequate. For this reason, they support those designers and brands that make an effort to be more and more ethical and sustainable. They get and share the information because they KNOW they are an active part of a social change that benefits EVERYONE, from those who are involved in the process until the shoes are purchased to society in general. They support sustainability.

What about you? Do you want to be part of our small non-conformist fashionista tribe? Share this post with those who you think have social sensitivity and wink at the world ;)

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