People’s story behind your shoes

People’s story behind your shoes

When you entered this website you didn’t know whether you were going to buy a pair of shoes or not.

When you bought your last pair of shoes, you didn’t think about who cut, sewed and stuck them, or how much this person got for it. However, there is always a story to be told behind each pair of shoes; how they were manufactured, the way they are used, and sometimes what to do with them when you don‘t use them anymore.

Knowing the storing of your shoes and how they are marketed helps you be aware of their impact in the environment and the social setting that made them possible. It allows you be aware of the impact of your decision when you buy a pair of shoes, recognising the social impact when you choose to buy handmade shoes.

Your shoes have involved in each stage the resources and skills of Lalobashoes' people, generating jobs for leather tanners, shoes artisans, and the courier that delivered them to your home, among others.

People that make your Laloba shoes be valuable! Thanks for coming to know us.

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