OUR LEATHERS. LALOBA uses goat leather in their dress shoes. Goat leather is very thin, flexible and perfect for this kind of shoes and has a very soft touch, something to thank our feet.

Our leathers go through vegetable tanning with no harmful chemical substances, protecting the environment and the local economy.

Types of finish: nappa leather, suede, patent leather and nubuck.

Nappa leather: this is the most superficial layer of skin, which produces smooth, fine and resistant leather.

Suede: this is a superficial layer that has been sanded on its back side to obtain its characteristic silky touch on one side. This is breathable, smoothened leather.

Patent leather: this leather has been processed until obtaining its characteristic high gloss, shiny finish.

Nubuck: it is obtained by smoothing the exterior side of the leather. This way, leather becomes breathable and is more sensitive to stains, grease and sunlight. This leather has a silky touch on both sides.